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Joy de belljoy s dalmatas cria Valencia cachorros

Sire: Ch Alphadirato Lion Heart  |  Dam: Int Ch Vet Ch Alexandria Brunnea de Cliveal

Date of birth: April 28, 2017  |  BAER: Bilateral  |  FCI Elbows: 0/0  |  FCI Hips: A/A

Breeder: Esther Manzano, Blanca Azalea  |  Owner: Lorena Aguilera





best of opposite sex (rbiss) · Spanish Dalmatian Club Show 2018

cantábrico junior winner 2018 & pirineos aragon winner 2019

crufts qualification - 2019 & 2020


1 CAC needed in a Mandatory Point for closing the Spanish Championship

1 CACIB needed in another country for closing the International Championship


Joy was, without a doubt, the addition of the year 2017 to the Belljoy's team.

It was seeing her for a photo shoot of the puppies of litter E of La Blanca Azalea and falling in love with her instantly.

Joy was not in our plans at that time, since we already had Lana and Ela ... and staying with another dog was something we could not afford. But the desire and love we felt for her overcame any kind of excuse not to stay with the promising baby liver in front of us.

Joy is the daughter of the International Champion and Champion of France and Luxembourg   Alphadirate Lion Heart (King)   and the International Champion Alexandria Brunnea de Cliveal (Lexy) . Both parents are b / b (brown) and with an enviable pedigree. And both, having incredible health results.

In her pedigree, Joy consists of the Multi Champion, World Champion'10, European Champion'10 and BOB winner at Crufts'10 , among other titles, Alphadirato Future Brand (Brandy), her paternal grandfather and one of the best known Dalmatians. worldwide. Brandy is a powerful male, B / b (black bearing brown), with a strong masculine structure, typical of the Alphadirato line. On the other hand, her paternal grandmother is the European Champion '08 Alphadirato Exact Copy (Birdie), a female b / b (brown) who died in 2017. Birdie was a female of good bearing, powerful but feminine and with a sweet and affectionate expression. that his granddaughter inherited.


WW'10, EW'10, Multi Ch. Alphadirato Future Brand

exact copy.jpg

EW'08 Alphadirato Exact Copy

In Joy's pedigree we can also find the famous and world-renowned Champion of the World'00 and International Champion , among other titles, Jilloc's A Man In The Mirror (Devlin) from the prestigious kennel Jilloc's from Sweden, her paternal great-grandfather. A powerful male liver that we can find in most pedigrees of the breed. There are not enough words to define Devlin, he is a dog that has marked a before and after in the history of the Dalmatian and having a great-granddaughter of his is an honor. On the other hand, we also highlight Joy's maternal grandfather, the Champion of Portugal, Champion of Spain and International Champion Chappaquiddick Koyeti of Okanagen (Okan) who currently resides in the Cliveal kennel. Okan is an extremely powerful black male, very masculine, with a good head and spectacular proportions and spots.

Multi Ch. Jilloc's A Man In The Mirror (Devlin)

Ch. Chappaquiddick Koyeti of Okanagen (Okan)

Joy, despite being a young dog, is a well-formed, very feminine and elegant dog, of a correct size, between 56 and 57 cm. Slender and with a very beautiful and elegant movement, typical of the Dalmatian, forming triangles between the legs. It has a dark liver color, characteristic of its parents, King and Lexy , being the best color for liver (brown) specimens. Joy is also a very healthy dog, being HD-A / A and ED-0/0 (perfect hips and elbows). It is also BAER + / + (Bilateral Hearing) and that means you can hear perfectly from both ears. Joy is also DNA tested, but currently we are still waiting for the results, as they take a long time to arrive. Currently Joy competes in the Intermediate class and has been doing very well in this class since she first started in Alicante, where she took BOB and BOG-3. For more news on your results, check out our blog.

Joy has always been a dog that since childhood we have been exhibiting her in national and international competitions and exhibitions. In 2020 we plan to participate with her in the World Championship (WDS 2020), which will be held in Madrid. But first, we have other plans for her ... Joy is going to be the mother of litter B ! Expected between 2019 and 2020. We are currently planning everything and it is worth mentioning that we already have a male chosen for her. Now we are going to wait a while to proceed with all the procedures. For more information do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to solve all your doubts. Open reservation list .

(with pictures, +4 generations and all details)

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